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IDSC_Profile‘m a mythological sci-fi writer. I write stories that the “occasional” Star Wars  fan finds accessible. I don’t go on for 13 pages about how spaceships work or give you a Wikipedia-style history of the Seven Children of Luthonai, but you will love those seven kids!

After two years of revision with my amazing writing group the Paper Cuts, I’m shopping around my first novel, Far From Light.

If you’ve read Madeline Miller’s awesome Song of Achillesyou know how well she brought a story about human relationships into focus with all the drama of the Trojan War in the background. Far From Light is like that, but with the angel rebellion and war against all of God’s worlds “quietly” happening behind the scenes.

An ancient enemy appears on the forbidden human planet. Nykar is Chancellor of the six non-human worlds and is forced to dispatch her best fighter to investigate the new threat, knowing it gives her slim chance of surviving imminent war at home.
On Earth, Ben falls for a disguised, but eccentric warrior and is caught up in celestial conflict whose players he didn’t know existed.

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Are you looking for the corporate accountant with the same name and face? Yeah, he’s got this alter ego going on here, but he’s pretty good at revenue accounting, fixed & intangible assets, and he’s all about process improvement. Also, he’s super fun to work with and never talks in the third person like I am now. Check him out here!

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I have to write my email that way or Internet robot things spam me about deceased billionaires who left me their inheritances. I hate money!

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