Growing Up With a Hero

AminalPeople often ask where I came up with my ideas.  For most of the random writing I do, I have no good answer–it just sort of pops into my head and I run with it.  But for Far From Light, it’s different.

Far From Light sprang from my childhood mind that was rarely attached to reality.  I would make up adventures in my head, but whether it be a knight fighting evil wizards (never dragons, because they’re actually good), or a space warrior freeing the universe of all sorts of bad, I always had the same hero.  He was my personal champion, and he’s grown up with me.  Even now as an adult, I admit that sometimes when I’m having a rough day, or if I’m just a little bored with my life, I’ll daydream that I walk around a corner and see Kyn Landric there, and I never think of anything good to say to him, so I just repeat the moment I first see him over and over in my head until I realize I’m twenty-something and I’ve been walking around with a dopey smile for God knows how long.  I guess there’s a part of me that wants to pretend he’s real because it made me so happy when I was little(er).

I got to an age and stage of creativity where I realized that Kyn needed his own place in the world.  It wasn’t fair to keep him in my head all the time–the rest of the planet needs him!  I needed him as a kid, but now we’re both grown-ups, I have a job, and he’s homeless.  I feel like I owe it to him to figure out where he came from and how he can get back.  The problem with having so much history with a character is I have this heavy burden to tell his story right or he might hate me, but there’s also fear that once it’s told, he’ll be gone from my head forever.

When I finally forced myself to get to business and finish a rough draft, I discovered that what was really spectacular about my hero was that he didn’t care that he was one at all.  His story became greater than him, and the themes behind it stole the spotlight, even though Kyn was center stage.  Was he mad?  Had I cheated him after all he had done for me?  No, and that’s what’s so great about him!  The whole reason for his being was to help me see beyond the hero, and I don’t think the two of us have ever been happier now that we know this.

So basically, I’ve just admitted that my whole story is about my imaginary friend that I’ve never been able to abandon.  Maybe story is where imaginary friends go when kids leave them behind, and the good ones were the most loved.

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  1. Katie

    “Maybe story is where imaginary friends go when kids leave them behind, and the good ones were the most loved.”

    hahaha that’s perfect! I never thought about it before I read your post, but I guess I also have an imaginery friend who never really left me. Oh well.


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