Trimming the Fat

First of all, I am immensely proud of myself for managing to keep up my early morning regimen.  Getting up at this hour is not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, much like root canal wasn’t quite as unpleasant as I thought it would be.

I thought I had already discovered while doing my rough, rough, rough draft that a lot of writing is just getting the crap out on paper and dealing with the mess later.  This first revision has quite a few giant, gaping holes that beg to be shat in.  As an example, I had to write a piece of backstory to reveal some key facts and transition story lines smoothly.  I have no ability to be brief when it comes to history, however, so my “quick summary” of a past event turned into twenty pages.  I knew if I attempted to bring any of it to my writing group that I would be drawn and quartered, so I set to trimming it down.  I got it to four pages, and they were actually pretty good.

It doesn’t matter how much practice I get at spinning story—I will always have mostly crap and a little bit of good in the midst of it.  As another, less filthy analogy, it’s sort of like having several puzzles mixed up in your head, and you have to throw it all on the table and find just the pieces that matter for your story.

It’s a messy process, but worth it for the end result!

***Completely unrelated side note:  I watched Misery again last night.  Dear God, don’t let me have fans like that!  I’d rather have no fans than a crazed Kathy Bates (love her)!  I wonder if when Stephen King was hit by a van, he worried that his own nightmare was about to become reality.  Thoughts?!

2 Comments Trimming the Fat

  1. Kayla

    I think you just wanted to say douche. The metaphor is tenuous at best, but I see what you are driving at. Douche douche douchey douche. Is that better, you little pottymouth?

    Love you!

    1. D.S.C.

      I really did! But you were so intrigued by the title, you read it right away! There is an inner douche in you too :-P


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